Propose a professional training course!

Professional training course submission will open soon.

Please stay tuned for updates as we get closer to the meeting.

About the Courses

We offer a variety of training courses prior to the opening of the meeting. The courses focus on selecting cutting-edge and general scientific topics of interest. Course attendees do not need to register for the full meeting to attend a training course. There will be a small registration fee for course attendees to help cover costs. We are currently accepting proposals from volunteer instructors.

Course Format

Professional training courses are either half- or full-day courses. Half-day courses are 4 hours in length and are presented either in the morning (8 a.m.—noon) or afternoon (1—5 p.m.). A full-day course includes 4-hour sessions in both the morning and afternoon, with a lunch break at midday and coffee breaks midmorning and midafternoon.

Proposal Instructions

The following information is requested or *required when proposing a course:

  1. Course title (maximum 15 words) *
  2. Course Length (4 or 8 hours) *
  3. Abstract (200 words maximum) *
  4. Learning objectives
  5. Target audience *
  6. Registration capacity
  7. Course structure e.g., lectures in the morning followed by hands on training in the afternoon or each topic will be introduced followed by a case study.
  8. Lead Instructor name, affiliation, email *
  9. Lead Instructor short bio
  10. Co-Instructor 1 name, affiliation, email  (if needed)
  11. Co-Instructor 1 short bio (if needed)
  12. Co-Instructor 2 name, affiliation, email (if needed)
  13. Co-Instructor 2 short bio (if needed)
  14. Co-Instructor 3 name, affiliation, email (if needed)
  15. Co-Instructor 3 short bio (if needed)
  16. Co-Instructor 4 name, affiliation, email (if needed)
  17. Co-Instructor 4 short bio (if needed)
  18. Audio visual requests *
  19. Additional requests
  20. Budget and reimbursements (e.g., for printing)
  21. Other comments

If you have any questions about professional training courses, please contact us.