Act Quickly to Secure Early Bird Room Fees

SETAC has secured a block of discounted rooms at the conference venue – the Marina Bay Sands Hotel. This will be an exceptional experience for meeting attendees. In order to benefit from the limited number of available rooms at this special fee, we advise you to make your reservation today.

Hotel Discounts

30% discount until 25 March 2020

20% discount until 19 May 2020

10% discount until 1 July 2020

We recognise that meeting attendees need to be cost-conscious that’s why, in addition to the reduced rates available through SETAC, we have opened an early-bird room sharing programme. You can participate in one of the two ways. You may already have one or more individuals who could house together in an elegant suite or one of the other set-aside rooms. You can also identify yourself as someone interested in sharing a room with another student, young scientist, or scientist. SETAC will then match based on interest and gender.

Book Your Hotel Now

Book a Shared Hotel Room

Be Careful About “housing pirates”!

“Housing pirates” are companies that phone, fax or email attendees and exhibitors, claiming to offer good deals on hotel rooms. They may falsely claim to be affiliated with SETAC. If you provide your credit card information to one of these companies (commonly referred to as “housing pirates” or “housing bandits”), your card may be charged and you might not have a hotel room when you arrive in Singapore.